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Not the most glamorous sounding name, but the 'bib' is the perfect accessory to keep you warm on those chilly Spring and Autumn days.  We all have jackets that may be a tailored (or just snug!) fit, or vintage jackets with close-fitting sleeves, which simply don't allow for a sweater or multiple layers to be worn underneath for warmth.  The bib offers a practical and stylish solution as it covers the chest area and has a warm roll-neck, but no sleeves or material around the lower torso to add bulk.  With your jacket done up it looks just like a jumper!


Knitted on a hand-frame knitting machine and then hand finished.


Made by me on my croft here on Fair Isle.


100% pure Shetland wool from Jamieson's of Shetland.


Available in a number of colourways - click here for images.


Three sizes to fit most adults - see Size Guide (please contact me if you have a particular sizing requirement).


Hand-wash only.


Out of Stock
  • For the bib, you should choose a size that will sit about 2" in from the point of the shoulders, so that it doesn't add any bulk around the tops of the arms when worn inside a jacket.  The length should be long enough so that it ends below the bottom of the 'V' neck of a jacket, but short enough that it ends above the waist so is not adding bulk around the narrowest part of a jacket.

    Size 1:  Width = 12", Length of Front (from base of neck) = 9.5"

    Size 2:  Width = 16", Length of Front (from base of neck) = 11.5"

    Size 3:  Width = 20", Length of Front (from base of neck) = 13.5"

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