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Knitwear Orders

All knitwear orders are knitted to order.

I aim to fulfil all orders for accessories within a two-week period but please note that this may vary, depending on how busy I am on the croft at different times of the year - lambing/clipping/baling/etc.!

I set stock limits on the items in my online shop so that I am able to work within this two-week period for fulfilling your order.  If you are interested in a particular item but it is marked as 'out of stock' as my order book is currently full, by clicking on the 'notify when available' button next to the item you will be advised by email just as soon as I am able to take orders again.

Should I be unable to knit and ship your accessories order within a two-week period, I shall contact you in the first instance to advise you and to offer you the option to cancel your order for a full refund if you do not wish to wait any longer for it.

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