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Summer Meadow

Inspired by the wildflowers that carpet the fields in Summer.

Voar Flooers

'Spring Flowers' - a blend of delicate shades, inspired by the bluebells that grow along the dry stone walls.



Based on the five traditional colours that were used in Fair Isle knitting before the invention of 'modern' dyes: Shetland Black and Natural White (the natural, undyed colours from the sheep), blue (dyed with indigo that would have been bartered for with passing ships), red (dyed with a combination of madder orchil lichens) and yellow (dyed with various plants).

Breton Stripe

Taking inspiration from the classic Breton shirt, in this minimalist colourway the focus is all on the patterns.

Marching Puffins

An iconic Fair Isle experience is to spend an evening sitting by the cliffs, watching the large groups of puffins march around so close to you and listen to them chattering to each other!

Rainbow Sheep
Natural Sheep


What could be more smile-worthy than knitwear covered in sheep?!  Take your pick from the vibrant, jewel tones of the 'Rainbow Sheep' option, or the classic, natural shades of the sheep in the 'Natural Sheep' option.

Naturals - White

Using the natural shades of wool, this is another very traditional method of combining colours.

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