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Adopt a Sheep


You've seen my sheep in photos and videos and now I'm really excited to be able to offer 'virtual' adoption of some of the sheep!


I've picked a selection of my friendliest sheep, to ensure plenty of video and photo opportunities, and for £25 you can pick your very own sheep to 'adopt' for a year!

You will receive:

  • A digital photo of your sheep, sent via email.

  • An introductory video from your sheep.

  • Two video updates from your sheep throughout the year.

  • A lock of your sheep's fleece posted to you after I shear them.

Please note that each sheep can be adopted multiple times!

Click here to see the sheep up for adoption.

Click here to purchase your sheep adoption package.

Please remember to use the promo code ADOPTASHEEP at checkout so you do not get charged shipping fees on your adoption package!

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